Our Mission

To provide active learning experiences and foster stewardship of the natural world through a tradition of community, excellence, and place.

Cultivated thoughtfully, our company mission speaks with truth to the values of our organization and guides the decisions we make. An understanding of and belief in these fundamental principles is a common thread among our staff. Take a closer look at the foundational pieces of this mission below.

Provide active learning experiences...

Our focus on and dedication toward educating guests about Denali National Park is what makes us special. We are about more than taking photos through bus windows and checking an item off the proverbial list; we want our visitors to connect with the natural world and take the experience home with them.  

Our Naturalist Guides are educational professionals with a broad range of natural history knowledge. Rain or shine, daily hikes offered in three levels lead our guests out into Denali to see, experience, learn about, and connect on an intellectual and visceral level with this remote wilderness. Each evening we offer an evening educational program (which staff are welcome to attend!). Additionally, our hosts and other staff promote stimulating and topical conversation throughout guest stays.

...and foster stewardship of the natural world...

Our guest and staff experiences are imbued with a land conservation ethic. More than upscale lodging and fine dining, Camp Denali is about kindling a passion for Denali National Park and its preservation. Over the years this passion has become inextricably linked with sustainable living. We promote conversation about sustainable practices with our guests by adopting some of these practices in our business model.  

Naturalist Guides employ Leave No Trace ethics in the field and teach guests about their importance. Conversations on hikes inevitably lead to observation of recent changes in our subarctic environment and education about climate change and conservation-focused principles.

In 2019 we began installation of a large solar array that will reduce the amount of diesel fuel and gasoline required to keep our generators running all summer long. Our greenhouse produces some very local produce and we buy more by special arrangement with Alaskan vendors. Since 2018, we have been purchasing 100% of our meat from Alaskan suppliers. Care is taken to choose cleaning agents that are easy on the sub-arctic environment, even if it means staff need to apply an extra dose of elbow grease to get whatever it is sparkling Camp Denali clean. 

Working with us, you will be involved in a host of practices that endeavor to leave a lighter footprint on both Denali and our planet. You will also stumble upon the dichotomies present running a conservation-focused lodge in remote Alaska for well-heeled guests; don't be surprised when you find some contradictions and inconsistencies. Regardless, you, personally will be expected to reduce, reuse, and recycle while working and living at Camp Denali.

...through a tradition of...


Our community traditions span both our guest and staff experiences. True community cannot be forced, but with the right ingredients it does have a tendency to form with some regularity.  

We eat, sleep, and play in the midst of our guests and in the company of our fellow staff, and encourage all our staff to show an interest in one another and to share their non-work-related talents with the overall community. Our employees are creating a community of friends for life. 


Notably not "perfection," our dedication to striving for excellence means we share a desire to provide exceptional service for our guests' sake, and for our own professional development.  

Somebody once said that the difference between good and excellent service is the attention to detail. In this regard, Camp Denali is beyond excellent. You will be asked to attend to details, primarily of cleanliness, presentation, and guest attention, which you may never have noticed before.  

and place.

Place is about more than a geographical location. Situated in one of the most beautiful settings in North America, we are intentional about recognizing and appreciating this locale and all it provides in the way of achieving the goals of our mission.  

Denali National Park is our playground, our classroom, and our home. We remember and educate about our predecessors, both at Camp Denali and in Kantishna, and acknowledge how our actions today build on what was here before.

Megan Meyer, Personnel Manager
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