Each summer we hire new staff as housekeepers and servers, kitchen helpers, cooks, operations crew members, and naturalist guides.


All of our jobs are physically demanding and require long days. Staff generally average 45-60 hours/week (though may work less or more, as needed). A standard workweek is five days, with two consecutive days off through the majority of the summer. At the beginning and end of the season, you may work 7 days/week for 1-2 weeks as we train and prepare to welcome our first guests and then shut down for the long off-season. All staff must be able to lift and carry up to 50 lbs., stand and walk for long periods of time and on uneven foot trails, and independently traverse the one-mile, 500 vertical foot driveway from the park road to Camp Denali. Walking is our primary mode of transportation day in and day out. 


The nature of our fly-in operation requires flexibility and versatility from every staff member. We’ll seek to discover what combination of roles will be best for you as part of our application and interview process.

Position-specific wage information is provided in each job description below. Pay is provided via direct deposit on a monthly basis, shortly after the first day of each month. In addition to hourly wages (and an average 1.5-2 hours of overtime pay each workday), employees receive a share of pooled tips (averaging approximately $500/month), a uniform stipend, free room and board for the duration of the summer season, and a travel stipend upon completion of a full contracted summer season.


Program Manager 

The Program Manager is a leader and a working supervisor with oversight of Camp Denali’s guest programs. This role requires the supervisory, academic, and risk management background to train and support a team of approximately six naturalist guides and four guest hosts to perform at a superior level for the duration of our short, intense summer season. Camp Denali's unique setting is the context for our signature guided outings, and it is essential that the Program Manager not only bring a depth of knowledge about the natural and cultural history of our specific location, but also have professional outdoor leadership experience in the backcountry. This job is based deep within Denali National Park for the summer and accessible only by air for at least the next couple of seasons.

Housekeeping & Serving Supervisor

This position is a working supervisor who oversees and implements housekeeping of all public buildings and guest accommodations at Camp Denali. This position serves as the direct supervisor for approximately four housekeepers/servers, and acts as the day-to-day supervisor for other staff who have housekeeping/serving shifts as their secondary role. Beyond ensuring that each member of the team is working to high standards, this supervisor must provide effective and positive leadership that helps this team understand how their work is directly connected to Camp Denali's mission.

With respect to housekeeping, this position oversees laundry, manages the cleaning and timely turnover of guest cabins, maintains spotless public spaces, provides appropriate support and supplies for cleaning staff spaces, and takes on seasonal housekeeping projects. In the meal service realm, they are responsible for training breakfast and dinner servers, monitoring progress, and troubleshooting issues that arise throughout the season. While collaboration across departments is the norm, there is a particularly strong connection between this position and the food service department.

Office Manager

The Office Manager is one of five year-round staff at Camp Denali, making this position an integral part of our core leadership team. The Office Manager works in tandem with the Sales & Marketing Manager to ensure smooth coverage of all office duties, which largely centers on reservations work. The Office Manager is often the first and the primary point of contact for prospective guests in the lead-up to their stay at Camp Denali. To thrive in this position, one must bring genuine enthusiasm for the Camp Denali experience and be excited to spend the workday answering questions, setting expectations, giving travel advice, and collecting and documenting accurate information to be shared across multiple departments. It is essential that applicants enjoy talking to people on the phone and can manage a high volume of emails--independently crafting polished, professional written correspondence. This position includes a variety of other administrative duties and project-based work.

Winter work is based at the Camp Denali office, located at Mile 229.3 Parks Hwy, Denali National Park, AK. In-season, the Office Manager has typically lived and worked at Camp Denali, located at Mile 89 of the Park Road, Denali National Park.* Room and professionally prepared meals are provided at no cost, if living at Camp Denali.

*If applicants prefer to be based at the Park Entrance year-round, that is a possibility Management may be able to accommodate for the right candidate; please be sure to specify that preference in your cover letter, if applicable.

See Below to Learn About Our Seasonal Roles 

We will begin accepting applications for our seasonal positions in mid-November. 

Dinner Cook

Camp Denali is committed to serving wholesome and flavorful food, expertly presented, and prepared using the highest quality local and organic ingredients. We are proud to say that 100% of the meat, poultry, eggs, and seafood served in our dining room are Alaska-grown. Our onsite greenhouse and raised beds are the source of our very own organic produce.

The Dinner Cook prepares from-scratch meals that delight guests and staff alike. The dinners you present will make people feel nourished and cared for, be memorable highlights of their time in Alaska, and serve as conversation starters that bring people together at mealtime. 


Camp Denali guests and staff sing the praises of our bakers. We look for bakers who delight in exceeding the expectations of what is possible at a remote backcountry wilderness lodge.

The baker is responsible for producing all baked goods for approximately 30 guests and 30 staff. These items include breakfast pastries and sweet breads, lunch sandwich breads, dinner rolls and breads (e.g. focaccia, sourdough baguettes, challah), cookies and bars, dinner desserts and sauces (e.g. panna cotta, fruit tarts, cakes, galettes, souffles). 

Bakers typically start the workday between 4 - 5 a.m. 

Berry Tarts, photo and baking credit to Amelia Lohrenz

Photo and baking credit to Amelia Lohrenz

Breakfast Cook

The Breakfast Cook position is a food service leadership role that assists in the training and supervision of an Assistant Cook and Kitchen Helper, prepares breakfast for guests and staff, may prepare staff lunch and/or be responsible for other food preparation tasks, and is responsible for overall kitchen organization and cleanliness during the shift. The position can be combined with the position of dinner cook, depending on education, experience and company needs.

Kitchen Helper/Dishwasher 

This is an entry level food service position which is responsible for assisting the breakfast cook in the preparation and plating of guest and staff breakfast, dishwashing, and a schedule of other kitchen organizational and cleaning duties. 

Operations Crew 

This skilled and physically demanding position assists the Facilities Manager in maintaining our property. Members of the "Ops Crew" work individually or with a group of 2-5 others performing daily chores and specific projects related to maintenance of grounds, trails, buildings, vehicles, water and electrical systems, and more. Two or more years of experience in building trades, plumbing, mechanical or other operations-related work required.  


An ideal way for new staff to join our team and gain experience in Denali, this position includes a variety of housekeeping tasks and working as a server for guest breakfast and dinner. Housekeepers/Servers are the backbone of our organization and lay the groundwork for an exceptional guest stay. The importance of strong performance in this department truly cannot be overstated.

East End Host & Expeditor

This staff member will provide support at the East End of Denali National Park. This role functions as the host for our East End office–welcoming several waves of incoming and outgoing guests, tagging and organizing luggage, and escorting guests across the street for their flights departing from/arriving to Denali Air. When guests are not present, this staff member manages the flow of all supplies, gear, and food that will be flown to Camp Denali. This person will receive weekly deliveries, as well as unpack, organize, and maintain the inventory system for goods stored at the East End Office. Meeting pilots to load and unload planes for cargo runs will be a big part of the job. 



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