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Living and working at Camp Denali represents a lifestyle, not just a summer job. We are a community of approximately 35 people, ranging in age from nine years old to 65 years young. We share our summer home with up to 42 guests at a time from all corners of the country and globe.

Our remote location and commitment to stewardship require us to be a resourceful team. More often than not, we bake it, we sew it, we build it, we fix it, we grow it, and we recycle it. A sense of place grows from the earnest work of maintaining this enterprise, from the camaraderie and friendships that grow, and from our commitment to provide the best quality experience for our guests in a setting that is beyond compare.  

Working here can be an opportunity to learn a variety of skills and develop a strong work ethic, and it can be a place to grow professionally as a server, cook, housekeeper, maintenance worker, or naturalist. Each summer we employ new-to-Camp-Denali people as housekeepers and servers, kitchen helpers, cooks, operations crew members, and naturalist guides.

We request flexibility and willingness to help with a range of tasks of all our employees. Most first year and returning staff can expect to work at least two jobs throughout the summer. The summer schedule is a balancing act of our staff's skills, experience, and interests, as well as company needs. We’ll seek to discover what combination of roles will be best for you as part of our application and interview process.

We work long days, averaging five 9.5-10 hour days/week, with two consecutive days off for a majority of the summer (although you may work less or more, depending on your department and company needs). Many shifts are split shifts and involve early and/or late hours. Most staff on Mondays and Friday begin work by 5:00am, have an afternoon break, and finish work by about 9:30pm. All of our jobs are physically demanding, and many work your head, heart, and muscles simultaneously.

This opportunity to work in Alaska, experience Denali National Park on an intimate level, and connect deeply with a community of individuals working toward a common goal is uncommon, to say the least.  

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The day-to-day operations of Camp Denali appeared to run like a well-oiled machine. Ginny and Celia had a specific routine established for both guests and staff....This meant a long list of daily chores for the staff following a rigid daily routine. Ginny was definitive about how she wanted things done and made this clear to her employees. Everyone had a job, knew what it was, and knew exactly how they had to do it. Usually that meant doing it Ginny's way."

– Brewster, Karen.  Boots, Bikes, and Bombers

Megan Meyer, Personnel Manager
PO Box 67, Denali National Park, Alaska 99755
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