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We've stayed at many places that are supposed to be similar to Camp Denali. Fuggeddaboutitt! Hands down, this place attends to every detail of setting, hospitality, guests' comfort, and creates a warm, welcoming community."

— Guest,  2018

"Your staff is lovely: intellectual, kind, patient and interesting." 


— Guest, 2018

What a wonderful visit to a place where the world is as I wish it to be—filled with kind, courteous, enthusiastic, intelligent people who seem to love their jobs, surrounded by the peacefulness of nature, full of beauty and full of efforts to make it last so others can appreciate it."

— Guest, 2018

"So Celia, Woody, and I decided why didn't we stake this land and just start a small campground with some tent cabins and some camping sites? All we envisioned was some kind of a business that would enable us to live on the boundary of McKinley Park and wander around the park all summer. We were very naive about what this would be."

— Wood, Ginny. Boots, Bikes, and Bombers

Megan Meyer, Personnel Manager
PO Box 67, Denali National Park, Alaska 99755
907-683-2290   jobs@campdenali.com
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