All new staff and most returning staff share housing with one or two roommates. Housing varies from bunks in a tent frame cabin (meaning one without hard walls) to a shared one-room cabin.

Despite their differences, all of these staff living spaces have basic amenities. Your room itself will have a bed and storage space. There is an outhouse a short walk from your cabin. A handful of showers are shared among all staff. Because facilities are shared with staff (and in some cases guests), they need to be left in clean condition when you walk away.  

Flexibility is an important quality we look for in future employees. We try our best to assign living spaces in a fair manner that sets everyone up for success but staff housing is a finite resource and we need to retain the ability to house staff where needed. Many housing options have close neighbors, and others are near guest or work spaces that may be used at odd hours. Earplugs might be a necessity for those who are sensitive to noise.  

At Camp Denali we want you to work hard and to care about the quality of your work. We also want you to enjoy your summer and personal time with coworkers, but after-hours activities need to remain mindful not to negatively impact the guest experience, and our social activities are not typically centered around alcohol. We maintain a drug-free workplace and ask staff to be thoughtful of the staff and guest families sharing our space.  

While privacy can be difficult to find on campus, having a 6 million acre National Park on your doorstep will provide ample opportunity to get away from it all.  
Staff housing - cabins along the mountainside. Free room and board is provided to all staff.
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