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Situated in the heart of Denali National Park, our remote location defines our community and informs our uniqueness.

Camp Denali is two miles past Wonder Lake, near the end of the 92-mile Denali Park Road. Camp Denali is currently operating as a fly-in lodge, due to the Park Road being closed at Mile 43. Our staff fly to Camp Denali in late May and remain onsite until the end of the season in mid-September. 


Walking is our main mode of transportation throughout the season. Staff are welcome to borrow bikes and canoes, though guest use takes first priority. To get further into the park, staff are able to join naturalist-guided outings with guests or catch a ride with those groups for independent hiking, provided space is available. 

Working at our fly-in lodge, means Camp Denali staff step away from restaurants, bars, and brick and morter stores for the summer season.

Getting here and departing...

Our new seasonal staff are asked to arrive via Anchorage to catch company transport to Camp Denali in late-May. Specific dates will be discussed as part of the interview and hiring process. The cost of the plane ticket is the responsibility of the employee, but a travel stipend to help defray the cost of travel is provided upon completion of your full season of employment.

Incoming staff are provided one complimentary night at the Parkside Guest House, our Bed and Breakfast in downtown Anchorage. This beautiful Craftsman-style home is transformed into a bunkhouse, with people on beds, sofas, cots, and floors—a fun opportunity to begin mixing and mingling with the members of your summer community. Early the next morning we provide transportation for the five-hour drive to the Park Entrance, followed by a short plane ride to Camp Denali. 

At the end of the summer season, we do the reverse providing transportation down to Anchorage and one night at the Parkside before staff fly out or set off to explore other parts of Alaska.

Our staff traveling to Camp Denali for the start of the season.

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