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Fairbanks, an 8-hour trip by road from our lodges, is the nearest full-service city.


Situated in the heart of Denali National Park, our remote location defines our community and informs our uniqueness. Camp Denali is two miles past Wonder Lake, near the end of the 92-mile Denali Park Road.

We are the only lodging inside the park with views of Denali. It is a six-hour bus ride through rugged, expansive wilderness to reach our lodge from the entrance of Denali Park, where the vast majority of park visitors spend their time.

In our local area, you’ll find no ATMs, restaurants, theatres, or convenience stores. Because of the long drive, a majority of our staff choose not to visit any of these or other modern amenities for the duration of the summer season. Instead, our staff spend days off exploring the wilderness of Denali, and enjoying the company of their fellow staff.

Denali National Park's entrance, a six-hour bus ride from our lodges, is where you’ll find the nearest restaurants, traditional night life, shopping, grocery store and crowds.

Getting here and departing...

Our new seasonal staff are asked to arrive via Anchorage to catch company transport to our lodges in mid-to-late-May. Specific dates will be discussed as part of the interview and hiring process. The cost of the plane ticket is the responsibility of the employee, but a travel stipend to help defray the cost of travel ($500 in 2020) is provided upon completion of your full contracted season of employment.

Affectionately termed the "Happy Bus," our company transport vehicle picks up staff from Parkside Guest House, our downtown Bed and Breakfast in Anchorage. Staff are allowed to stay one night at no cost (or add a second night for a nominal cost) at Parkside, to allow for running errands in town before leaving the convenience of stores and pharmacies for the summer season. This beautiful Craftsman-style home is transformed into a bunkhouse for these nights, with bodies on beds, sofas, cots, and floors—a fun opportunity to begin mixing and mingling with the members of your summer community.

At the end of the summer season, the "Happy Bus" again transports staff from our lodges to Parkside Guest House in Anchorage. Staff may choose to stay the night at the guest house again or set off for the next adventure. 

And while you're here...

There are limited options for transportation once you reach our lodges. Company vehicles and National Park Service (NPS) buses are the primary means of transport from our lodges to the entrance of Denali National Park. That trip via NPS bus takes six hours and traverses some of the most beautiful country in North America.  

These same NPS buses will drop you off anywhere you like along the road, to start a backpacking or hiking adventure. We encourage staff to get out into the park to enjoy it! In recent years, the company has purchased and provided a limited number of free bus passes for our staff to use accessing the park. Staff may purchase additional passes, if needed, to ensure they can adventure all season.

Staff (mostly year-round) may petition the President for permission to bring their personal vehicle on-site to our lodge. Because travel on the Park Road impacts wildlife and there is limited parking space on-site, we limit the number of personal vehicles at our lodge. We are able to provide parking for your vehicle through the summer months near the park entrance, if you'll be arriving with a vehicle and won't need access to it for the summer season.  

The majority of our staff choose not to leave our property for the duration of the summer season, apart from hiking, biking, and canoeing adventures within the park, as the long trip to the entrance of Denali Park consumes much of a short weekend. Luckily great food, company, and the best access to the backcountry Denali offers provides great diversion for this short summer season!

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