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Three Meals a Day and Then Some

Meals are provided to staff at set times every day, all summer long. The same talented and experienced breakfast and dinner cooks who prepare our guest meals are responsible for providing nourishment for our staff.  

Our meals, like much we do, have an angle toward sustainability. Our Executive Chef makes an effort to source as much produce as possible from local, organic growers. This produce supplements the organic vegetables and flowers produced in our on-site greenhouse. We purchase 100% of our meat from Alaskan suppliers. Staff often eat leftovers at lunches, usually gussied up by our creative cooks, but leftovers nonetheless.  

Similar to the menu we serve to our guests, staff meals provide a balanced diet, with no lack of fresh vegetables or snacks to tide you over through the evenings or on camping trips. Staff have access to company stores for use in packing for an overnight trip in the backcountry.  

Our cooks are skilled and prepared to provide for a dairy-free, gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan diet. They are also able to accommodate serious dietary allergies when applicable, in most cases. If you have a complex diet that does not fall into those listed above, please contact the Personnel Manager to inquire about whether your diet is something we can accommodate.

Most of our staff find the diet plentiful and tantalizingly waist-enlarging, in spite of the highly physical work we do all day.

Imagine working in a place where you don't have to cook or wash dishes, unless you're being paid to do it that day!"

- M.M., Employee

Megan Meyer, Personnel Manager
PO Box 67, Denali National Park, Alaska 99755
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